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Unforgivable: Kroger Garden Blend Mixed Vegetables

written by Jason Lewis

Kroger Garden Blend Mixed Vegetables. The arrows show traces of rice shown in the photo.

You’re in Kroger and you are looking for something quick and healthy to eat.  In the frozen food aisle, you see a package labeled “Garden Blend.”  The photo on the package (see above) shows broccoli,  baby corn, carrots, and other healthy vegetables with some rice.  The arrows show traces of rice in the photo.  Great!

I’m not naive enough to think that packages of mixed vegetables won’t be somewhat misleading about the proportion of their contents.  The package typically contains more carrots than the photo on the label suggests.  I usually expect a package photo that is overly optimistic about the actual contents.  However, the extent of misrepresentation of the Kroger Garden Blend is truly unforgivable.  It motivated me to pick up the camera so that I expose to world this atrocity that the minions at Kroger have committed.  Below is a photo of the actual contents.   Arrows show the three bits of corn and the pathetic trace of  broccoli stalk that was in the package.

Actual contents of the Kroger Garden Blend.

Actual contents of the Kroger Garden Blend.

This abomination is one of the reasons that I decided to start this blog.   Future postings in the Unforgivable category will contain other examples of unforgivable behavior.  I hope that you have enjoyed this postng more than I enjoyed the meal.

4 Responses to “Unforgivable: Kroger Garden Blend Mixed Vegetables”

  1. Andy

    That is one lonely broccoli. The only truth in advertising would be a clear bag.

  2. Jeff

    Good catch. We had a similar experience this month with a chicken dish wherein we joked when we actually identified a piece of chicken. Then I have the new favorite label, No added MSG” written boldly.

  3. David & Laurie Rugenstein

    Laurie says, “I don’t care. I just wish that they hadn’t made the package (and contents!) smaller for the same price.”

    David says, “Only one piece of brochali? Technically, that is still a blend.”

    “How about the incrediably shrinking boxes of ice cream?”

  4. Rice is nearly always a filler and over represented and I nearly always buy and/or prepare it separately (it tastes better that way too). That’s certainly pretty dire though.

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