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08-21-2012, 01:07 AM
Jackass-Free Politics FAQ and Rules
Why I started this forum:
I love politics. I love discussing politics and learning about it. However, I really don’t like the obnoxious manner of most internet political discussions, yet the internet offers both the best and worst for political discussions. On the good side, it offers a place for a huge variety of opinions. However, the anonymous nature encourages some people to exhibit obnoxious and anti-social behavior that they wouldn’t normally exhibit in face-to-face conversations. For people who like combat and fireworks, this is great, but I see it as stifling productive political discussions. If you like that type of political debate, then is forum may not be the place for you.

Another problem that I often see with political discussions is confirmation bias. A person can find lots of support for any twisted political view that they may have. There are plenty of forums and websites where you can find a comfortable bubble where you are surrounded by ideas that you already agree with. Your political philosophy may be built on straw man arguments if you don’t understand the other side’s reasoning.

What this forum is not?
This is not a place to practice your debating skills, to win arguments, or to win over converts. It’s also not a venue to insult people who have stupid ideas, or to denounce flawed ideologies. However, this is also not a touchy-feely place that supposed to make everyone feel good and hold hands, and show that everyone’s point of view is valid. Some ideologies are wrong, have critical flaws, and should be avoided.

What’s the point? What’s in it for you?
The point of this forum is to learn and to share ideas. By providing a less combative venue for discussion, I’m hoping that participants will be less defensive and more rational in their thought processes, and more productive in their discussions. For the issues and beliefs which you are right about, you will be better able to test them and discuss them calmly. For issues which you are wrong about, you’ll be better able to see and accept a correction.

Ideas should win on their own merits, not on the skills of the debater. We should welcome those who have ideologies that are different from ours, especially those which we disagree with, or ones that seem irrational. It’s easy to confirm your existing beliefs if you only study sources which you already agree with. If you believe that there are destructive political ideologies at work in this country, then use this as an opportunity to understand the enemy better; just don’t insult the enemy here. Who knows, you may actually change your mind on some issues after you hear and fully understand the other side’s reasoning.

  1. You don’t have to be moderate
  2. You don’t have to agree with others
  3. You don’t have to stay away from controversial topics
  4. You don’t have to believe that the truth in ever issue is found somewhere in the middle.
  5. You don’t have to respect those with opposing political views, but you do you have to treat them with respect in this forum.
  6. No direct personal attacks: “You’re an idiot”
  7. No indirect personal attacks: “Conserberals are either racist or naïve if they believe that”
  8. Don’t say insulting things about a doctrine or ideology if you know there are others here who adhere to it. It’s an indirect personal attack. Example: “Republicrats promote an ignorant policy of racism”
  9. Absolutely no profanity, whether it’s explicit or implicit. I’m not offended my much, but I want this forum to be accessible to children. That means you can’t try to thinly disguise naughty words which are still easily recognizable as naughty words.
    • No acronyms in place of a forbidden words: IYNWIM
    • No substitution of characters. If “shoot” were forbidden, don’t try to spell it as “$hoot.”
    • No substitution of words with hash characters, such as “He’s going to loose his ***.”
  10. Let’s try to minimize the acronyms. Spend the extra 1.5 seconds to type out the full words.

The rules may change.

How am I allowed to express my disagreements here?
  • I wholeheartedly disagree
  • I don’t follow that logic
  • I strongly disagree with your conclusion.
  • I understand the point that you are making, but I disagree with your logic
Not Acceptable
  • You’re an idiot
  • Only a moron would believe that
  • You’d have to be either brainwashed or naïve to believe that
  • I think that’s garbage
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